• Poetry

    Haiku 49

    Andrew Hamlin returns with more cyclical renga for your winter doldrums.

  • Poetry

    Haiku 47

    Andrew Hamlin returns with another rainy day rumination for your almost-August mood.

  • AH_H46

    Haiku 46

    In his 46th renga, Andrew Hamlin's subconscious wanders and collects impressions as he contemplates knowing.

  • Poetry

    Haiku 44

    Andrew Hamlin's latest harvest of haiku covering the philosophical reality of city life, including, but not limited to, the veracity of a toad's existence.

  • Poetry

    Haiku 43

    Andrew Hamlin's latest collection of poems, a sensory-influenced journey.

  • Poetry

    Haiku 42

    Crows, pigeons and the wistful repetition of life. Poetry from the Star's Andrew Hamlin.