Author: Heather Logue

Culture Literature

Ellen Forney, Marbles & Me

By now you’ve most certainly heard about Ellen Forney’s immense talent and infinite heart illustrated in her graphic memoir Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, & Me, an artwork documenting her struggle with mental illness. The publication offers beautiful illustrations of the author’s endless quest to become the best writer, artist and human that she can be.


Priscilla Stuckey Kisses Foxes

Though Stuckey has always been a nature lover, the point in the book where everything seems to truly begin is when she first sees a bald eagle on Lopez Island, at an especially dark period in her life. After searching fruitlessly for days, right as she’s about to leave the island the eagle seems to sense her need and comes right to her—circling her car, seemingly responding to her call. From this point forth Stuckey’s focus shifts to direct and personal communication with nature.