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Courtesy of, babel gives you a poem/manifesto, Dada-style.

System of Oppression

Poetry by Daniel K (Tonipsycho), from his book, A Written Form of My Thoughts, made for pondering what you're pondering.

In the flame of the candle, unknowable vastness

Poetry by Peter Menkin.


Poetry by Alanna Simone.

Haiku 20

Poetry from Andrew Hamlin.

What if our words recoil?

Poetry by Marwah Yash.

The Faery Handbag

We bring you one of Kelly Link's perversely magical stories in which you should believe nothing that you read.

A Day in the Life of a Courier

Reminiscences of the courier life, courtesy of Max Reif.

Weekly E-Book: Dimension6

We bring you speculative fiction from Down Under in this week's EPUB.

The Bear is Swelling

More go-for-the-gonzo fiction by self-help guru Jeremy Kellerman.