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Religion, War and Barbeque

Bizarro fiction from David Estrada about steaks and panes.


Poem by Jerry Kraft.

Buddha Delivers a Speech

It's been too long since Jeremy Kellerman dropped some knowledge on you. We fix that with today's parable by the man himself.

The unheard voice of homeless dog

Poetry by Igor Marinovsky.

I’m Bored

Fiction by Michael Aguero.

Weekly E-book: Selected Masterpieces of Polish Poetry

This week return to poetry for our electronic book of the week, surveying the poetry of Poland, courtesy of translator Jarek Zawadzki.

Talkin’ Black Friday

Poetry by Max Reif to commemorate this unholy non-holiday.

Haiku 23

Haiku cycle by Andrew Hamlin.


Poetry by David Penn.

An Angel in Everyone

Fiction by Romie Singh.