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Chicken-Fried Love Interest

Five recipes and an audio reading of Rob Northrup’s story.

Navigational Aids

Poetry by Jerry Kraft.

Recipe For An Improvised Girls’ Day

So why celebrate? Part of the answer lies in presence: the desire to be connected with family, with some of the intentions of Girls’ Day: a day to wish the girls happiness in their futures: a day to sit around a table and share food. And yet part of why we celebrate Girls’ Day also lies in distance.


Impressionism hits the Star in the person of Chelsea Madsen.

House Hunting

Poetry by Jerry Kraft.

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Fiction by Jon Ravenscroft.

Haiku 13

Haiku cycle by Andrew Hamlin.

Seahawks Stripped Of Title, Seattle No Longer Super Bowl Champs

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell stunned the sports world yesterday announcing that the Seattle Seahawks must forfeit the Super Bowl title they captured last February. Goodell said that every member of the Seahawks’ 70-man roster flunked drug tests the night before their victory over the Denver Broncos.

M’s Win! Oh Wait, It’s Against the Angels, Nevermind

Expect the losing streak to start on Thursday, in Oakland, where the front office uses something called Moneyball.

Giant Wheedle Crushes Viaduct; Murray blames McGinn for Anti-Tunnel Agitation

After more than 20 years absence from Seattle, the now gigantic kaiju and former Sonics mascot known as the Wheedle emerged from Elliott Bay to crush the Viaduct.