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A dramatic script by Nick Stokes, originally produced at 14/48 Projects in January 2012.

The Doctor

Fiction from Tibet: Pema Tseden's absurdist short story recalls...well, you will see...

The Open Hand and the Closed Fist

Poetry from Max Reif.

Haiku 21

The latest Andrew Hamlin haiku.

Standing Still

A commemoration by Brenda Neth.

I Want to Stop and Live at Gig Harbor

A warmly evocative poem of the harbor, courtesy of Max Reif.

Update to the Dewey Decimal System

Bellingham's Justin Coslor gets metatextual in this witty poem.

Disobedient Boy

Poetry by Igor Marinovsky.

From a Place of Peace

A lovely piece of peace from the mind of Max Reif.


Courtesy of, babel gives you a poem/manifesto, Dada-style.