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Art from the Body: Joanna Hogg’s Exhibition

Andrew Hamlin ponders the relationship of the architecture we inhabit and the architecture we live in, in this review of Joanna Hogg’s Exhibition.

Nymphomaniac, Take 2

Dani Bissonnette gives an alternate look at Lars von Trier’s Nymph()maniac.

From Sadism to Humanism: Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac

Lars Von Trier’s latest film bows this weekend. Andrew Hamlin considers.

Fun Candy-Colored Stuff: Tiger and Bunny: The Rising

Andrew Hamlin visits the Grand Illusion for another installment in the Tiger and Bunny series.

Pacific Aggression: Assistant Cameraman James Cashman talks to the Star

Andrew Hamlin talks with cameraman James Cashman, about his work on the upcoming film, Pacific Aggression.

Corruption as Love: Child’s Pose

Calin Peter Netzer’s film offers the moral question of maternal duty vs. politics. Andrew Hamlin muses.

19th Annual Seattle Jewish Film Festival bows Saturday

A short preview of the 19th Annual Seattle Jewish Film Festival.

Like Father, Like Son

Andrew Hamlin pens his thoughts on Koreeda Hirokazu’s latest film.

The Invoking: An interview with director Jeremy Berg

Andrew Hamlin interviews director Jeremy Berg about his latest film venture.

VD is for Everybody

A public service announcement, courtesy of the Seattle Star.