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A Fuller Life: An Interview with Samantha Fuller

Andrew Hamlin interviews Samantha Fuller, daughter of legendary roughneck filmmaker Sam Fuller, about her documentary on her father’s life.

“Infinity and Chashu Ramen”: An Interview with Filmmaker Kerwin Berk

“I love being Asian American. I love being Japanese American. Our history, our culture, our world perspective … our food … everything that it entails, I love. And it is this kind of love and joy we take in being ourselves that we tried to capture in “Infinity & Chashu Ramen.””

Get On Up

Andrew Hamlin untangles Tate Taylor’s biopic of James Brown.

The Purge: Anarchy

Andrew Hamlin muses on the asshole syndrome, anarchy and worldly parallels in this latest review.

Business as usual in The Dance of Reality

Andrew Hamlin explores the latest from Jodorowsky.

The Seattle True Independent Film Festival bows this weekend

A glimpse at Seattle’s STIFF, the best festival in the city.

Last Passenger: Evil without a Face

A disembodied evil seeks its Last Passenger. Andrew Hamlin reveals its face–via its facelessness.

Bad parenting breeds That Demon Within

Andrew Hamlin puts on his rubbers, grabs an umbrella and views That Demon Within.

Art from the Body: Joanna Hogg’s Exhibition

Andrew Hamlin ponders the relationship of the architecture we inhabit and the architecture we live in, in this review of Joanna Hogg’s Exhibition.

Nymphomaniac, Take 2

Dani Bissonnette gives an alternate look at Lars von Trier’s Nymph()maniac.