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Sandbox Radio IV: The Chase

With its delicate balance of music, pathos and humor Sandbox Radio’s director Leslie Law does much to honor radio programming of the past kept familiar by the likes of Prairie Home Companion, but this project brings to its audience so much more. Sandbox Radio pulls nary a punch and for many answers the question of what, precisely, audio theater will sound like in the future?

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Project Top Hat

Courtesy of the lovely Julie Hoverson, we present to you an original script from her audio drama series, 19 Nocturne Boulevard . This episode, “Project Top Hat,” was originally podcast on January 2, 2012. For more information on the series, check out Julie’s own website at


The Love You Lost: the First BBC Audio Drama Awards

On January 10th, the shortlist for the first ever BBC Audio Drama Awards was announced. The winners will be announced at a ceremony to be held on Sunday January 29th, 2012 in the Radio Theatre at BBC Broadcasting House, presented by actor David Tennant. But why begin an awards ceremony now when the BBC itself has recently axed much of their radio production?