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The Raptured Soul Defies the Sword: Händel’s Theodora

Some thoughts on the Northwest Baroque Orchestra's debut concert.

An Interview with Charnett Moffett

Andrew Hamlin interviews Charnett Moffett before his Jazz Alley show this week.

Händel’s Theodora mobilizes early music guilds

A short preview of the Early Music Guild's collaborative show.

Seeking Balance: The Ballad of Ishtar

Thoughts on the contemporary electro-acoustic opera, The Ballad of Ishtar.

Post-Rock and Dandelions: Jan Platek’s We Deserve This

Omar Willey does some listening to the music of Jan-Dirk Platek, aka We Deserve This.

Go Inside Salegy, The Music of Madagascar

Banning Eyre hips you to the music that dominates Madagascar: salegy

“You have to think globally”: An Interview with Marwood Williams

Omar Willey interviews local singer-songwriter Marwood Williams about the blues, prog rock, the Creative Commons, digital delays and other things.

Third Class Plays the Stone Way Cafe

A short preview of Lee Boyle's solo show at Stone Way Cafe tonight.

Songs from a Broken Mind: An Interview with Gary Numan

A short interview with Gary Numan before his concert at the Neptune this Oct. 28.

Weekly E-Book: Innerviews

We bring you the EPUB version of Anil Prasad's extraordinary conversations with extraordinary musicians.