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Employment Protections Elusive for Returning Troops

Reprinted from News21, a story about the problems our returning soldiers face in reclaiming their civilian jobs.

Why Not Us, Again?

Hours before the regular season kicks off, Raymond Muprhy takes a look at the NFL Champion Seahawks and muses about the phenomenon and their chances in the coming season.

US military “poor” at investigating civilian deaths in Afghanistan

Amnesty International gives their report on how the US report drone strikes in Afghanistan. Upshot: we suck.

Who Is Kate Joncas?

Fresh evidence in support of the theory that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is ultimately a puppet of big business arrived yesterday with the announcement that Murray has chosen Kate Joncas as his new deputy mayor of operations.

NHL Hockey in Seattle–Eh?

Writer Ray Murphy covered hockey at every level – from youth leagues to the NHL – in 25 years as a sportswriter. Here he talks about the prospects of a Seattle NHL team.

Seattle City Council prepares to change ridesharing

The City Council vows to do something about those terrible ridesharing services. Raymond Murphy explores.

Weekly E-Book: The Verification Handbook

The European Journalism Centre release their book on how to sort rumour from news when it matters.

Diapers for Drivers and Other Tales of Transit

Raymond Murphy hips you to the latest in transit.

An Open Letter to KIRO News 7 Reporter Henry Rosoff

An open letter about the "most dangerous block in Seattle." Or, call it privilege.

HiveBio: Seattle joins the DIY biotech movement

DIYbio lives! HiveBio opens tonight in Seattle, correcting a long ignorance of biomaker space in Seattle.