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Ice Hockey Talk Heats Up in Seattle

R.V. Murphy considers the recent buzz about hockey in Seattle.

Fines Remain Rare Even As Health Data Breaches Multiply

Federal health watchdogs say they are cracking down on organizations that don’t protect the privacy and security of patient records, but data suggests otherwise. ProPublica's Charles Ornstein reports.

Opposition Mounts to Trans-Pacific Partnership “Fast Track”

Congress is expected to fast track the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other trade proposals as soon as next week. Deirdre Fulton reports.

President Obama urges Congress to pass a joint resolution authorizing the use of force against ISIL

President Obama uses his State of the Union address to urge military action against ISIL. But there are problems.

The FBI Expands Its Surveillance Powers

The FBI is using controversial FISA amendments and information collected by the NSA to expand its surveillance powers, a DOJ report found. Nadia Prupis reports.

It’s A New World Order for the Seattle City Council

With the dawning of a new year comes a whole new set of problems for a city to wrestle with. Raymond Murphy reports on the new district-based elections.

New Trial, But No Freedom for Al Jazeera Journalists Held in Egypt

The three Al Jazeera journalists detained by the Egyptian government get their retrial butl remain in prison. Jon Queally reports.

One Year On, Jailed Al Jazeera Journalists Await Appeal

Three Al Jazeera journalists marked their first year in jail in Egypt on Monday, maintaining hope that an upcoming appeal will bring good news in the case that has sparked international outrage since their arrests last year.

Syrian army units make substantial gains in fight against ISIL

News from the Syrian front, courtesy of Ground Report.

Police brutality and failures of American justice are not at all new

Larry Geller reports on the phenomenon of police brutality, as old as the country itself.