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NSA Documents Suggest a Close Working Relationship Between NSA, U.S. Companies

Documents describe “contractual relationships” between NSA and U.S. companies, as well as undercover operatives at some U.S. companies. ProPublica reports.

Next phase of search for MH 370 begins

The search for Malaysia Airlines MH 370 resumes--this time not on land, but underwater.

Analysis: Government’s New Doctor Payments Website Worthy of a Recall

Charles Ornstein gives you a look at just how well the new Open Payments system is working out for you and other Americans.

New Afghani President Sworn In

Afghanistan gets a new president...democratically.

Why Did They Call It Columbus Day, Anyway?

R.V. Murphy ponders the National Enquirer and the other legacy of Generos Pope--Columbus Day.

Employment Protections Elusive for Returning Troops

Reprinted from News21, a story about the problems our returning soldiers face in reclaiming their civilian jobs.

Why Not Us, Again?

Hours before the regular season kicks off, Raymond Muprhy takes a look at the NFL Champion Seahawks and muses about the phenomenon and their chances in the coming season.

US military “poor” at investigating civilian deaths in Afghanistan

Amnesty International gives their report on how the US report drone strikes in Afghanistan. Upshot: we suck.

Who Is Kate Joncas?

Fresh evidence in support of the theory that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is ultimately a puppet of big business arrived yesterday with the announcement that Murray has chosen Kate Joncas as his new deputy mayor of operations.

NHL Hockey in Seattle–Eh?

Writer Ray Murphy covered hockey at every level – from youth leagues to the NHL – in 25 years as a sportswriter. Here he talks about the prospects of a Seattle NHL team.