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Why Jet City Comic Show Did Not Suck

Comix has been hijacked by people who have little to no interest in the field itself. Jet City Comic Show was at least a noble attempt to put comics back into comics conventions. Its founders referred to it as a “back to basics comic show” which is a fair description. The concentration was clearly upon comics, comics art and comics artists. It was exactly what a convention should look like.

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Second Annual GeekGirlCon Celebrates Female Geekdom This Weekend

Make no mistake, the fact that Seattle is overrun by geekdom is in no way a bad thing. But the need for a geeky, female-centric convention occurred to a few very active geek feminists not so long ago, and last year GeekGirlCon was born. A convention where thousands gather to female geekhood, offering a place for people to celebrate and honor the contributions of women to science and technology; comics, arts, and literature; and game play and game design.

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The problems of a Morning Serial

What is true of reading printed comics is equally true of reading comics on the Internet, with the added difficulty that stems from the distractions endemic to reading at a computer. How much more difficult then for a curator to attempt to translate the experience of reading webcomics to a museum gallery. Morning Serial shows how difficult it is.

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A Few Clumsy Words about Jeffrey Brown

When I first moved to Boston from Seattle in my early twenties, I was filled with confusion, excitement, and the terrifying thought that I had no idea what I was doing when it came to relationships, jobs and the other mysterious workings of the world. Around that time my good friend Laura introduced me to Brown’s first graphic novel, Clumsy. In his book, Brown so realistically painted a portrait of young love–in all of its awkwardness, earnestness and blind idealism–that it all felt immediately familiar.

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ECCC: A Con with No Character

I’ve been hearing from many creators that the Emerald City Comic Convention is one of the last good “comic” conventions to grace the Pacific Northwest, that it still had “character.” On this, the 10th Annual ECCC, the only real characters flitting about were fictional: two designated convention superheroes, Emerald City Crusader and Crusaderette. If those names were any indication of how unique and how filled with character this “comic” convention was supposed to be, Seattle is in a world of hurt.