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In the Bathroom

She must be wondering what I am doing in the bathroom. As am I. She is not alone. She is not alone in wondering. I always am, usually. I am always wondering what I am doing. Is not everybody? I mean wondering what they are doing? Everybody does not give a shit what I am doing, which is why I am alone in wondering it. Does she? He? They?

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The Inner Life of Jack Straw: In Conversation With Artist Ellen Sollod

To enter Outside In/Inside Out: The Inner Life of Jack is to submit to an immersive experience. To commemorate Jack Straw’s 50th, local artists Ellen Sollod and Johanna Melamed have transformed the entirety of Jack Straw Productions New Media Gallery into a camera obscura, inviting in the outside world and turning it on its head. Coupled with a quirky and ever-shifting soundtrack, the entire experience proves initially disorienting but ultimately provides a visceral and many layered glimpse into the workings and history of Jack Straw Productions.