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Seventeenth Annual Jewish Film Festival Coming to a Theater Near You

On Thursday, March 15, the Cinerama Theater will be opening its doors once again to a flood of anxious film festival attendees, kicking off the 17th Annual Seattle Jewish Film Festival (SJFF). Presented by the American Jewish Committee, the SJFF is the largest Seattle film festival after the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), hosting 29 films from all over the world. Throughout the 10-day festival, audiences will screen films dealing with portrayals of Jewish and Israeli life. Festival screenings and events are scheduled for the Cinerama, AMC Pacific Place, and SIFF Uptown theaters.

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Ghost Light Theatricals’ Freak Storm

Playwright Don Fleming has put a very Washingtonian spin on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Setting his adaptation, Freak Storm, in the Cascade mountains, replacing Caliban with Sesquath (yes, like ‘Sasquatch’), and exploring modern concerns for issues of environmental sustainability and stewardship of nature, the dramatist has taken a number of liberties in regionalizing and reframing the famous story while, for the most part, preserving the dramatic framework of the source material.


Nobody Knew

Nobody knew the things about you that I knew. I knew where you were that time when you called and asked if I knew where you were. I said I didn’t, but I did. The connection was good enough that I didn’t even have to pretend it sounded like a local call and not like a call from London.