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The Working Artist: Paige Barnes — Teacher, Student, Artist

There are scoffers in the community who believe that artists do not do any real work. Paige Barnes’ life and career offer a perfect rejoinder to this sort of nonsense. She is as devoted to her community as she is to her craft and her creativity, in ways that those who do “real work” only wish they could understand. In spite of all her hard work and her innate genius, Paige Barnes remains a virtually unappreciated artist in a town that is known for failing to appreciate its working artists.

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The Show That Went On: How It All Turned Out

The theme of this show was “First Times,” so each of us talked about a first experience: first girlfriend, first trip to Europe, first road trip, first Communion. I’d originally pitched mine as the story of doing my first yoga headstand. After a while, though, the first headstand story became intertwined with another first time story: that of losing my job. How did I put them together? I hope you’ll listen and find out.