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The Show Must Go On #5: Behind the Scenes (An Interview With My Producers)

I’ve been preparing to perform in Drunken Telegraph: From Living Plank to Pine Tree, a storytelling show in Tacoma. It’s been a great adventure to think about taking my work from page to stage. For this week’s post, I’ve got an intermission post of sorts, or—to mix my theater metaphors—a behind-the-scenes interview with the show’s co-producers, Megan Sukys and Tad Monroe.

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City Council Proposes to Amend Zoning

Residents of this neighborhood choose to live here because they can walk to everything. For example, five grocery stores lie within a 6-block radius. The proximity of buses and services means that residents can sleep and garden and play on their quiet, residential streets and, in a matter of minutes, reach the pharmacy, restaurants, shopping, downtown, and entertainment. The neighborhood is racially diverse, zoned multi-family. Residents know each other well because they are out in the neighborhood, as pedestrians, as gardeners, as friends. Idyllic. This is the sustainable model the city is after and yet the mayor wants to alter its zoning regulations.

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Pony World’s Big Story Small at Theater Off Jackson: Concentrated Dramatics

The idea behind Pony World Theatre’s Big Story Small, which runs this weekend only in the ID’s Theater Off Jackson, is pretty ingenious: Take a classic work and condense it to fit under 10 minutes; collect a number of these, assemble a production team for each play, and then present it to an audience. Jose Amador went to see an early preview, and found it to be pretty enjoyable.