Weekly E-book: Affair, The Novel

affair-coverAfter some doing, we’ve culled together Nick Stokes’s novel, Affair, first serialized here in the Star.

Both the EPUB and the PDF version are, true to our form, quite stripped-down. Fancy is something we will leave to the commercial publishers when they decide to print Mr. Stokes’s book alongside the latest James Patterson or Nora Roberts masterpiece. On the positive side, we did include a hyperlinked table of contents within both versions, so you should be able to play your own variety of “hopscotch” with the text as suits you.

We are humbled to have had the opportunity to publish such a fine novel at the Star. It has inspired us to serialize other novels in the near future. Stay tuned for those. Meanwhile, enjoy the summation of the summa sum something of some sum or another.

We thank the author for his faith in our venture, and look forward to more of his work in the future.

Download EPUB here.
Download PDF here.
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