About Us

The Seattle Star is an online journal of politics and culture that seeks to open up the world.

We began The Star in late 2011 as an alternative to the increasingly narrow and closed journalism we saw around us. We wanted to be:

  • Open, not closed
  • General, not specialized
  • Respectful, not glib
  • Skeptical, not cynical
  • Local, not provincial

Our goal was, and remains, to make our city and our world better, freer, more generous. To this end we have decided on a model of open journalism: based in the Creative Commons, made to share, available to everyone, responsible to all.

If you support a more open world, we encourage you to support us, not just as readers but as participants. Writers may contact us at editor [at] seattlestar [dot] net or download our writer’s guidelines here. You may also complain to us at the same address.

Our snail mail address is:

The Seattle Star
10110 Greenwood Avenue North #103
Seattle, Washington 98133-9170