Why should you pay for what you can read for free? Because it benefits everybody.

The Seattle Star is a New Online Magazine, and we believe in new business models. We reject paywalls and advertising. In fact, we wish to go the other direction: away from ads completely, toward a sustainable model where readers support writers directly and indirectly. We accomplish this on two levels:

  • Membership helps you support the magazine in general, which then supports the writers equally.
  • Our TipTheWeb feature helps you support writers directly, which then encourages them to write more.

In return for your patronage, we give you the finest cultural writing in Seattle. Supporting our work voluntarily keeps it coming, and keeps it free of interference.

For your membership you will receive:

  • a Seattle Star T-shirt;
  • special printed editions;
  • members-only gifts; and
  • the noblesse of supporting the finest writing in Seattle.

Annual membership is $24.00 via PayPal. If you don’t want to do it that way, you may make a “recurring donation” of any amount you wish using the same PayPal button. Anyone donating more than $2 per month will also get some special freemiums as we have them. If you wish to make a single time donation, we love those, too!

We will be trying to make this as easy as possible in the future. How easy? That’s the subject of a series of articles…

We appreciate your support and your kindness.