The Seattle Star is a new magazine and we are interested in new ways of accomplishing our goals. Our highest goal of all is to bring you the best writing on the arts, cultural life, politics and society of Seattle. This will require some time, of course, and it will require some effort most certainly but there is nothing in the world we would rather accomplish.

At the same time I would love to pay my writers more than I currently do and defer the costs of the internet and such. But I don’t want to bury my readers in advertising. In fact, I wish to go the other direction: away from ads completely, toward another idea where readers support writers directly and indirectly.

The TipTheWeb feature helps you support writers directly. The PayPal membership helps you support the magazine in general, which then supports the writers.

In return for your consideration, we give you the finest cultural writing in Seattle. But also, we give you access to an elegant mobile version of the site and a text-only RSS feed so that you don’t have to rely upon Instapaper and Readability and such for following us while you are away from the big screens of home and office.

Annual membership is $20.00.

We appreciate your support and your kindness.