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Interleavings: Serendipity and the Auto/Biographical Process

Biographical and autobiographical writing entwine. Why did I choose to write about a woman I never met and had no ties to—except for my interest in Jewish women’s history and the field of Psychoanalysis? Immediately the writer’s self is injected into the story. Sometimes Dr. Buxbaum turns up in my dreams, and in the morning I have to sort out the dream so it won’t get mixed up with biography.


August 27, 1977: Equal Rights Already!

On the date in focus here, Seattle second-wave feminists held a downtown march and rally in support of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment. Jeff Stevens histories you liberationally.


August 7, 1936: Zioncheck for President

Seattle is full of stories of What Could Have Been. Among these is the story of Marion Zioncheck, at once one of Seattle’s greatest rabble-rousers and one of our most tragic historical figures.