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The View from Nathan’s Bus: The Last Day I Drove the 358, Part II

Nathan Vass returns to dispel more clichés about the so-called "dangertainment" route, the 358.

The View from Nathan’s Bus: The Last Day I Drove the 358, Part I

Nathan Vass raps about his favorite route, the 358, and what he learned as a driver on Aurora.

The View from Nathan’s Bus: How to Get the 70 to be Chaotic

"How's everything today?" It's the Sherriff, asking after my welfare at Third and Pike. I'm on the 70. Referring to safety concerns, I respond, "Everything is fantastic!" "Wow. Really?" "Well, it's the 70. Nothing ever happens on this thing."

The View from Nathan’s Bus: You’ve Been a Good Friend of Mine

Don't ask me how bad her living situation was. You couldn't imagine it. The level of abuse she had no choice but to tolerate, the job that kept her out until the wee hours, and not in your favorite part of town. Bussing to and from for low wages, and caring for three young daughters all the while.

The View from Nathan’s Bus: An Introduction

Welcome to The View from Nathan's Bus, a new column at the Star written by Nathan Vass, writer, photographer, movie director and a bus driver for King County Metro.

Michelle Witt’s UW World Series: Looking Backward, Looking Forward

Thoughts about the UW World Series so far under new leader Michelle Witt.

Interleavings: Serendipity and the Auto/Biographical Process

I found Dr. Remick’s name in a Little School folder. What was it doing there? It turns out that at the same time Dr. Remick was an affirmative action officer and attended that Women’s Studies meeting, she was the parent of a Little School pupil when it was in the Bellevue facility.

In Loving Memory of Heather Artena Hughes, RIP

Today we mourn the passing of Heather Hughes, a young and vibrant woman, whose life came to an end early Wednesday morning, due to late-stage lung cancer one day before she would have turned 45. She is survived by her son, her fiancee, and her family.

Interview with David Nixon: Local Musician, Philosophy Teacher, and Director of Bladfold

José Amador talks with David Nixon, of the band "Awesome", The Half Brothers and philosophy teacher at the University of Washington's Bothell campus, about Bladfold, Nixon latest cinematic effort. The interview includes images and links to music from the film, as well as the movie The Shelf, Nixon's animated film debut.

The Seattle Community Network Revives Their Commitment to the Future

It's 1993. Unless you are locked regularly in the basements of university computer science departments, you have never heard of the World Wide Web. If you have a computer at all, your computer runs at a maximum of 100 mHz and may have 4MB of memory, unless you can spare an extra thousand dollars in which case you may have 8MB--if your computer can actually accept it, since upgrades are impossible in many models.