Seneca Building

Evening Edition: Before The Snowpocalypse

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From Flickr's Seattle Pool: 2/SenecaBldg n West Seattle
Seattle gets itself worked up over the mere possibility of the season’s first snow; understandable given the history of higgledy-piggledy that an accumulation of snow brings to the Emerald City. Still, the predicted snowfall for the weekend is supposed to be half an inch, so we shall see how this all comes out. Hopefully no 10-hour traffic jam will occur. [Seattle PI]

The man arrested for driving over 100 miles an hour while going the wrong way down I-5 is pleading not guilty to charges of driving while under the influence. We wish him luck in this endeavor. [KOMO]

Police in South Seattle are seeking help in finding the man who robbed a cab driver at gunpoint somewhere on Airport Way South early on Tuesday morning. [KIRO]

Publicola takes a look at the crowded Democrat field in the race for the now open US House of Representatives seat in the newly re-drawn 1st Congressional District; the latest politician to jump into the race: Suzan DelBene. [Publicola]

A 41-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman were beaten severely with a baseball bat while they were strolling through Ravenna Park early on Thursday morning. The search for the man and a possible accomplice is underway. [Seattle PI]

Occupy Seattle has announced that they will hold a “Bring Down (John) Diaz” protest on Saturday, right on the heels of proclaiming that they are rejecting nonviolence as an approach to protest. Citizens of the Central District are warned. [Slog]

Meanwhile, in the realm of Seattle commerce, the folks at the Seattle Times have been kind enough to inform us that a Midwest chain called “Room and Board” will take over the ginormous U-Village property left vacant by Barnes and Noble. So glad to know. [Seattle Times]

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