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Unless I’ve been brainwashed
my name is Leilani Mae Jasperson
they’re trying to find me
I want a room with a camera
I would like a job with the government
Jack said Wyman’s going to kill me
there’s a price on my head
he has white skin and white hair my mother
won’t even help me she’s too scared
she’s in Cincinnati I can’t go to the police
my name is Leilani Mae Jasperson
but they stole my i.d.
Lieutenant Black and Richard Lyman know Jack
I don’t know if he’s very powerful or well-connected
or both I just want to do my art
Jack tore up my paintings
I wrote a song that was in my car
and they broke the windshield
they played it on Broadway
there’s this woman that looks like me
my daughter is in state custody
I want a job working for the government
I’ll do anything they tell me to
I’m very intelligent I saved Jack’s life
I hate drugs I only do them
when I’m feeling sorry for myself
she has eyes like mine
and hair like mine my name is Leilani Mae Jasperson
first I’m going to get a soda
smoke a cigarette
not getting on that bus
not going to Harborview
not going to look for my daughter
not going to phone mother
not going