Ubiquitous They’s Half Time at the Seattle Creative Arts Center


One of my New Years resolutions this year was to stop using the word “amazeballs.” Unless, of course, something is really, truly amazeballs.

So, damn you Ubiquitous They! Damn you for making me break this resolution not even a month into the new year. Half Time, UT’s latest collection of sketches, is an outing that features hilarious sketches involving the inequality of pet adoptions, the dangers of pantyhose or another that begs the question “what if only idiots could time travel?” — or my personal favorite, a particularly funny sketch involving a ghost at the wrong place at the wrong time…This show is totally worth it.

Ubiquitous They contains the talents of Chris Dewar,Sophie Lowenstein,Jason Miller and Clayton Weller, and Half Time is further abetted by the writing skills from Spike Friedman, Kevin Kantner, Stephen Ross, Ryan Schmidt, and Jocelyn Skillman. This crew was then coordinated by the director, the uber talented Mark Siano, of The Habit, Modern Luv, and Soft Rock at The Triple Door.

Look, go see the show worth breaking my resolution over; and while you’re doing that, I’m gonna probably eat this entire Sara Lee pound cake, drink too much whiskey, then proceed to make out with a wildly inappropriate guy.

Thanks a lot Ubiquitous They, thanks a heap.

Through Saturday, at 8:00p.m. // The Seattle Creative Arts Center, 2601 NW Market Street (in Ballard) // $12 at the door, or through Brown Paper Tickets.

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