Goldy Adds His Face to The Seattle Star

In search of the non-evil. Photo of Goldy courtesy our Masonic connections.
In search of the non-evil. Photo of Goldy courtesy our Masonic connections.

It was a shock to many when beloved political writer and blogger David Goldstein, usually known by the more affectionate and shorter name of “Goldy,” left the offices of The Stranger in March, citing “editorial differences ‘n’ that” according to one of the drones at the Times. He’d already been dressing in drag at McKenna rallies and winning citations for his in-your-face brand of political journal stuff yet here he was, out on his ear like corn at harvest time.

The question loomed throughout Seattle: What would Goldy do next?

Finally, after a couple weeks of negotiation involving many different types of oil, some Aqua Net, a can of Almond Roca, and a copy of Link’s Awakening for the GameBoy, we can finally break the news that Goldy has joined the Seattle Star‘s list of faces.

Asked by absolutely no one why he would choose to write for the Star instead of a more lucrative gig, Mr. Goldstein answered, “Well, at first I was thinking I would just sell my services to the highest non-evil bidder, like I said when I left The Stranger. But then I reasoned that it would make just as much sense, if I’d said the lowest non-evil bidder, which was definitely the Seattle Star. In spite of the fact they’re all cheap bastards and pay, like, nothing at all I figured, ‘Aw, what the fuck? At least they’re not evil.’ Besides, they don’t ask for anything, including this interview, so I can just hang out and do my thing while I think about my upcoming run for office.”

We are naturally honored and humbled to put his name right alongside our intern DavĂ­d Alvarez.

Despite fears that all of the recent changes at the Star would be too much for him, and of low pay and minimal work there, Goldy–or Mr. Goldy, as the publisher calls him–will still continue to write his pieces for It may be some time before he really settles in, but his presence in the Star’s gallery has already inspired the entire staff. One of the Star’s most renowned female writers, in fact, has even adopted his hairstyle. We look forward to seeing him even more often in the pages of the Star and we are excited to begin this new chapter of his life and career with him.

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