Buffoons told me Benny

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds.CC-BY-NC-SA.
Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds.

Buffoons told me Benny
was boring because his bonfires
never light even with butane
gas. I told buffoons they

were buffoons but they just
blatantly refused to listen
to me. Benny’s not a bad
guy; it’s bullcrap the way

those buttheads treat him. By
the time I buy a bucket of
butter for cooking breakfast at
the barracks, I believe

I’ll be brilliant in terms
of brushing up on my reading
books about biology. Then
I’ll know about birthing

babies in Brooklyn and
the Bronx and Bolivia; that
will be a beautiful boast to
babble to Bree Barton

and Bill and Brandon and
Bartholomew Buttermaker
when they bleat on about Benny
being boring, blabbing

“blah blah” beside buildings
beneficially befriending
bears because buttheaded buffoons
be brainless bread baskets!

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