Haiku 16

Photo Credit: bochalla.Licensed CC-BY-SA.
Photo Credit: bochalla.
Licensed CC-BY-SA.
I can’t write haiku
about that fellow taking
the shutter cord for his toy.

I could write haiku
about the suspense thrumming
as I breathe deeply.

Right now I think
only of the two donuts
awaiting me, soon…

The nurse guides a man
on the phone; he’s gotten lost
and have not we all?

I had to hear them
squabbling over violence, to
appreciate peace.

One mustn’t assume
sadness, from the downturned face
or the pleading hands

Front yard: Stalks poke up
struggling past the edges of
two small stiff green boots.

I can’t name the tree
but its small bright blue blossoms
etch the alleyway

A car beeps once
in this cool grey morning
is anyone aboard?

8:10 pm, stuck
with this guitar I can’t sell;
sunshine and splatter.

Nude by the window
again; seventh-floor breezes
cool on my left flank.

A question, he has,
on the bus, but a Mohawk
too; so, no answer.

A break in the rain
gardener’s impatient rake
pulls the still-moist leaves.

The sound of a smile
yes, it’s a little bit like
soup spooned from the bowl

The bum’s sundered face
telephone in hand; sad news;
he crimps a new smoke.

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