The Contents of My Heart

Photo by 44833.Licensed CC0-Public Domain.
Photo by 44833.
Licensed CC0-Public Domain.

My heart stands before me.

These women, perched atop drift wood, boulders, the rocky beach, sitting back to back with our toes in the river; are the contents of my heart. We are so very lucky to be together on this day. We have counterparts back home but here, in this celestial location, on this day, we are one.

Each of them holds in their mind and body, the most powerful personal energies I have ever known. We are massive. We are a collection of misfits and cheerleaders, of earth elements and technology, both ancient and brand new, polar opposites and identical twins. Today, despite seeing each other every day, we look at one another with refreshed eyes. Under the light of the Solstice Sun we are cleansed of our preconceived notions of one another, we see each other perfectly clearly. A mermaid, a guardian angel, a forest elf, a river fairy, a truth seeker, an earth mother, a daughter of the moon, a sister of the sun, a rainbow child; all walking on the same terrain. We will keep each other’s secret identity hidden from full view once we return to civilization, our true selves cannot be revealed in the City. We need to retreat to nature to fully stretch our wings. We create magic, simply standing next to one another.

To make these women laugh is the highest privilege, for their collective laughter, our joyus tears, grace every rock, every grain of sand, every blade of grass. Their laughter blesses the water that runs before us in great rushes of calming force. The music we create as we move through this forest travels up to the Sun with gratitude for each singular moment spent here, together. We dance along this path and giggle into the bushes, trying to persuade the Sun never to go down, the Moon to never retreat into the Light, desperately wishing to continue our journey of joy and celebration into the coming week. One more day.

To have picked a better moment to celebrate our feminine collective would have been a mistake. These women; these ferociously creative, sublime creatures have charged my heart to a capacity I have not previously known. Before I sleep, as they dream around me, I commit this feeling to paper for I do not trust my memory to capture this energy in its divine perfection.


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Chelsea lives in Seattle and truly believes the Emerald City is one of the greatest cities on Earth. By day she is an Employment Consultant/Job Coach for Project SEARCH, a supported employment program for adults with disabilities located at Seattle Children's Hospital, by night she is the Artistic Director and Playwright in Residence at Copious Love Productions, an independent theatre company currently roaming the stages of Seattle. You may read her work at as well as on her personal blog

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