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free again
freedom is overrated
freedom gives me pains
pains in my mind
pains all along my spine

I try so hard not to be free
but everyone keeps on giving me freedom
I want to be a caged tiger
I want to prowl out of rebelliousness
thats not a word.
not in my vocabulary

pregnant, starving–
thats what freedom wrought
for my cats.
freedom brought
death and destruction
war and peace
love and hate
six degrees of directions
all in my head,
not in my heart
freedom gives me pains

pains in my spine
pains beneath my shoulders
pain along my neck
pain in my temples
man, freedoms a pain in the ass

give me an asylum any day
give me prison
give me dictators
kings generals
give me a swami
give me Christ
give me something to follow
Im not a leader,
and certainly not my own

people ask me
for direction
and I give them what Ive given myself
and they become as lost as I
and I wonder why
they took advice from some one
as obvious as myself
why ask in the first place
David bowie says hes deranged
I think were all deranged
all of us with minds.
lose the mind and wed have something
to follow. a reason to be here
thats what Im lacking
a reason to be
what ever it is that I am
since I dont even know that
how can I begin to give myself direction
how can you give directions if
you dont know what youre directing,
or where its going?
where is it going
this thing that is me?
is it on a trail
or is the werewolf behind him
waiting to sink his teeth and forever
transform him into a beast
who has something to follow?

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