System of Oppression

Photo Credit: Hiddenpower.Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.
Photo Credit: Hiddenpower.
Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA.

While you sleep in warmth,
debts pile up;
time flies before your eyes,
you have been made weak.

For pieces of silver, blocks of dry wood,
green currency made from air,
do what you’re told,
do it well – serve and sacrifice.

While you dance, comfort beneath your feet,
a sweatshop slave bathes in tears;
weavers weave on a bloody and cruel machine,
selfish and greedy.

Dreams of a good life, things that exist
make easy prey;
gazing at the sky,
a hungry infant, vulnerable and confused

black expensive suit honest
keep your smile in your pocket.
Keep dreaming of
revolution and freedom, peace and love,
scared and scarred, broken and numb,
sanity went out the window, so too humanity,

standing in front of a loaded gun.
you sleep comfortably,
you will forever sleep
in your cheap bed, slowly forgetting
things, repeatedly lying to yourself,
avoiding the loaded gun – but somebody will get shot.

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