The Subject

Photo Credit: Lost in Anywhere.Licensed CC-BY-NC.
Photo Credit: Lost in Anywhere.
Licensed CC-BY-NC.

Day One:

Subject apprehended after guards found him sleeping on a cardboard box inside cover facility. Subject was brought to lower levels and thrown in cell one. Cover facility was boarded up to deter further homeless from entering.

Day Two:

Surveillance footage of cell shows subject sitting in center of cell with legs crossed. Does not move except for bowel movements, which the subject does in the south west corner of cell.

Day Three:

Subject was fed a wooden bowl of white rice with chopsticks through floor level slot in cell door. Subject ate meal calmly as if not hungry. Subject adjusted quickly to chopsticks. When finished with meal the Subject replaced chopsticks in bowl and set bowl in front of slot. Bowl was retrieved without incident.

Day Four:

Subject has begun digging up the dirt floor of the cell. Digging appears to be centered on the south west corner. Suspect Subject is digging a latrine.

Day Five:

Explosion in sector [REDACTED] caused tremors throughout facility. Subject appeared not to notice, remaining in meditative state in center of cell.

Day Six:

Suspect has moved dirt from the hole in the south west corner to the North West corner. Suspect patted the dirt into a rectangle, was observed using it as a pillow as he slept.

Day Seven:

Guard reports bite marks on lower part of chopsticks. Guard speculated that Subject was attempting to determine if same utensils are returned to him each day. Guard was ordered to return same pieces to Subject each day and record changes.

Day Eight:

Subject used bowl to increase digging production. Latrine hole suspected to be at two feet. Subject used sand from cell floor to clean bowl and sharpen chopsticks. Subject returned bowl and chopsticks to slot at usual time.

Day Nine:

Subject was observed making another pile of dirt near the “pillow.” Guard speculates he is building a bed. Guards request spade for Subject as part of experimental observation.

Day Ten:

Request for spade is received and approved. Standard hand spade with green handle is delivered to cell through slot with the day’s ration of rice and chopsticks. Subject shows emotion for first time upon seeing the new spade.

Subject Mood: Happy.

Day Fifteen:

Subject’s bed complete. Bed is positioned along north wall, farthest possible space from door in south east corner. Subject shows no visible emotion at completion of project. Subject has been observed sleeping with spade clutched to his chest.

Day Twenty:

Unarmed Guard was ordered to enter Subject’s cell and retrieve spade. Guard was overpowered and beaten to death by Subject before a second guard could intervene. Cell footage shows Subject standing over dead guard while the second guard stands in doorway. Second guard slowly retreats out of cell. Recommended Guard is reassigned to [REDACTED].

Subject was observed using the spade to “gut” and “butcher” the dead guard as if it were a deer. “Meat” from the guard was buried in the sand along the east wall. The bones were cleaned with sand and neatly stacked near pillow. Guard’s head was severed and placed at foot of bed.

Day Twenty Two:

Subject has been observed sublimating his rice ration with meat from the guard. Subject has also been observed sharpening two bones, suspected to be from the arm, into points. Subject has separated leg bone and has been observed practicing with it as a club.

Day Twenty Five:

Guard refuses to feed Subject. Guard replaced.

Subject observed using bone tools to clean skin off of severed guard head.

Day Thirty:

Subject has made a short pedestal of dirt in middle of east wall. Subject has placed the cleaned skull on pedestal. Has been observed bowing to it and praying before bed. Language of evening prayers remains unknown.

Day Forty-Five:

Guard entered cell with pistol in middle of night, attempting to kill Subject before other personnel could stop him.

Surveillance footage of incident shows Subject moving from the bed to the door in between the time the door began opening and was fully opened. Guard’s pistol was removed from him by Subject. Subject drove spade into Guard’s skull before Guard knew Subject was out of bed.

Subject dragged the body fully into the cell and took possession of the pistol. Subject made no attempt to escape, keeping eyes on door until cell was secured. Once the door was closed the Subject processed the guard’s body in the same manner as he had done before.

Subject now observed to sleep with both spade and pistol.

Day Fifty:

Guard’s body fully processed. Skull placed alongside the other. Spade placed upright in between them.

Day Fifty-Five:

Subject uses pistol to disable camera. Two guards armed with machine guns were dispatched to subdue subject and replace camera. Tear gas was deployed in cell to aid guards.

Tear gas ineffective. Guards killed. Suspect has taken control of prison wing. Subject was observed through prison wing cameras dragging cot into original cell. Subject made no attempt to disable prison wing cameras.

All personnel were ordered to stay clear of prison wing.

Day Eighty-Four:

Seven Guards given authorization to secure prison wing. Operation failed. Subject took control of Main Hall, Research Wing, the Armory and the Elevators.

Day Ninety-Seven:

Guards have made three attempts to retake elevators and escape. Subject has rigged facility with numerous booby-traps. Causalities mounting.

Day One Hundred and Three:

Explosion woke us from our sleep. Scouts reports elevator shaft blown. Monkeys control the halls. Suspect research animals have been released.

Day One Hundred Twenty-Three:

Trapped in office. Screams of the dying echo throughout the facility. Radio’s destroyed. Subject controls the facility. Will attempt to barricade office door.

Day One Hundred Twenty-Seven:

Surviving off peanuts kept in desk. Running out of water. Will attempt to use soil in potted plant to filter urine. No sign of Subject. Perhaps it has escaped.

Day One Hundred Thirty-Two:

Power tools heard in hallway outside of office. Subject is cutting hole in wall. Am making peace with the idea of death. Maybe I can fashion weapon from monitor glass and chair leg.

Day One Hundred Thirty-Five:

Power tools have ceased. Subject has made slot in wall at floor level, approximately one foot long by eight inches high. Bowl of white rice and chopsticks appeared in slot.

Reprinted from Nightmares of a Writer.

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