The Open Hand and the Closed Fist

Photo Credit: StephenMitchell Licensed CC-BY-NC-ND.
Photo Credit: StephenMitchell
Licensed CC-BY-NC-ND.

The open hand said
to the closed fist:
“Try this!”

The closed fist
said: “Afraid.”

The open hand said,
“You’ll be part
of Everything!”
The closed fist replied,
“Inside my cave
I must yet cling.”

Open Hand:
“Are you clenched
in anger?”
Closed Fist:
“Deep down, it’s more
like hunger.”

The open hand implored,
“You’ll do yourself
damage if you hit!”
The fist replied,
“I’m not really aggressive.
For protection I do this.”

The open hand then said,
“I’m sad because
you’re blind. The lovely
world you cannot see.”
The closed fist answered,
“For right now,
my business is with me.”

The Open Hand: But oh—
If you could see as I—
and parallel the sky!”

The Closed Fist:
“My cavern is
my safety and
my need.
I’m like a buried,
deeply-dreaming seed.

Some day I’ll open
Can you wait and see?

You are open now my friend,
but you were once
like me.”

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