Weekly E-Book: Sage Sayings

BookCoverFront-1-9-187x300Some while ago, John and JoAnn Girard began a collection of Native American and First Nations sayings, including “some of the most inspiring, thought provoking, and sagacious words we have ever read.” Gathering these all into a slim volume, they have entitled it Sage Sayings. The authors aim to cause you to pause, reflect, and perhaps even reprioritize.

The compilation includes about five hundred sayings collected by the authors, about two hundred of which are available on their website in a slightly different version. The collection includes proverbs, prayers, and quotations from various sources. There may be some debate about the correct attribution, the clan of the author(s) and such. More interesting perhaps than the “sage sayings” is learning about the people behind the words who all display common sense, connection to the planet, and recognition of family.

Some light spiritual wisdom, courtesy of The Seattle Star, John and JoAnn Girard, and people who keep the wisdom alive.

Download EPUB here.

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