The Courtship

Miriam Muñoz is a graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist from Madrid, Spain. For two years, she lived in Brighton, UK, working as a freelance designer for Crush Design and as a videogame tester for Babel Media. After returning to her hometown, she became the co-director of the digital magazine Una Buena Barba and remains there to this day.

Her commercial work shows her affinity for strong, clean designs, undoubtedly influenced by the clear-line school of comics. Her personal work, such as her graphic novel Animal Party, is much freer. Her peculiar yet potent use of color remains throughout, but her linework is much more nervous, and deliberately not pristine.

This short four-pager (three, really) is exemplary. We give you the English language translation here. You may (and should) track down the original Spanish version at Tik Tok Cómics. Enjoy.

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