Weekly E-Book: 55 Ways to Have Fun with Google

158216916_047ce7d1af_oMost people I know are fairly tech savvy but I am amazed how little they know about how search engines work. Since they all use Google on a daily basis, this is particularly mind-boggling.

Phillipp Lanssen’s book of inventive ways of screwing around with Google is almost prehistoric by some measurements. Nevertheless, it remains more than just a museum piece. It’s an introduction for lay users into exactly how search engines work, how results can be useful or completely tangential, how data can be found and, too, how it can be manipulated. At the very worst, by mucking about with various Google-derived and Google-centered games, it will make any reader a more astute, more accurate user of search functions, which in turn will save anyone hours, perhaps weeks of time.

And that’s one to grow on.

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