After The Blood, The Burning

Photo Credit: Scott Cyrus.Licensed CC-BY.
Photo Credit: Scott Cyrus.
Licensed CC-BY.

I seek resolve and cannot find it.
A murdered boy and a city burning:
why am I always standing behind it?

There’s a social contract. Which of us signed it?
Does it condemn us to this rite of mourning?
I seek resolution and can’t find it.

I am not shackled, nor am I blinded,
not unaware, capable of learning
so why am I still standing behind it?

How many times must we be reminded
before, at the last, there comes a turning?
I seek an answer. I cannot find it.

Am I waiting around until someone’s defined “it” ?
These are old, old wheels that keep on churning.
I’m sick and tired of standing behind it

and I will not accept nor be resigned to it.
Take notice, world: you’ve had your warning.
The answer is there. I know we’ll find it.
The time will come when we won’t stand behind it.

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