I Don’t Have A Heart

Photo Credit: markzins.Licensed CC-BY.
Photo Credit: markzins.
Licensed CC-BY.

I don’t have a heart
for cruelty.
That’s probably
my biggest weakness.
Because there are times where
Cruelty is a necessity
There are times where
A decisive blow
Must be struck —
Thunderous, earth shaking,
Cutting clean in two.
Where you leave them
Weeping, clawing, pleading
With no kind word
From you.
You need a heart of stone
Cold, reptilian, unflinching
as you watch their dying dance.
I’m too weak for it.
I always give a second chance.
My weak heart is my fatal fLaw
I know it’ll be my end.
I would sooner forgive
A snake for biting
Instead of chopping off its

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