Prison Trauma

Photo by geralt.Licensed CC0/Public Domain.
Photo by geralt.
Licensed CC0/Public Domain.

In an exercise of
Students are told
To find
A safe place
And to go in

My home, your room
In the forest
Under a tree
A hidden cave
Quickly went out

My mind
Crippled and entered
Stayed there
Never ever again

Older and rumbly
White washed patches
Dirty big walls
Three sides secured me

The heavy iron door
Kept me watched
And locked by the big key

I was safe and slept
Shadows of inmates
Shaded in and out

I was called
To come slowly
Out of the place

Stepped to the door
Was not opened
The jailor or the guard
Was not near by

I was called
Come to the present
And to open my eyes
From closed of my eyes
Tears fell out
Hid it I in

Opened my eyes
Incredible sight
Mind in the cell
Broke the heart

Why did the mind
Go there for a safe
To escape from the death
That was the place

It was not my choice
Time gave the prize
Darken days and nights
Prolonged the life of death

Once in away
Flash back to the past
I am not allowed
To forget my passage

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