Weekly E-book: The Verification Handbook for Investigative Journalism

book-cover2Last February we brought you the European Journalism Centre’s Verification Handbook. That book dealt with checking facts, particularly with regards to user-generated and crowdsourced content for “emergency coverage,” as the book’s subtitle declares.

This week we are back with their second book, The Verification Handbook for Investigative Journalism. This time the subtitle declares the book to be “A guide to online search and research techniques for using UGC and open source information in investigations.” Not a book, then, for fast breaking news, but rather for thoughtful, deep dig journalism–the kind that many journalists seems to have largely forgotten about in favor of ViralNova/Upworthy soft stories and BuzzFeed tabloid-style rotgut.

The official version isn’t out yet. Instead, because we like to be ahead of the curve, we’ve cribbed together our own version into an EPUB using the Creative Commons-licensed HTML pages and added a Table of Contents. Result: awesome. And it will certainly hold you till the official version is released whenever EJC get around to it.

Download EPUB here.

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