Haiku 32

If I just let go
how long would my nails grow out
before I picked up?

Headless for how long,
the marble statue presides
over stickerbush

Ten pounds of books lighter
I fold my bag into my pack
for downtown.

Santa Claus is a huge myth!
So is Jesus Christ!
I’ll shout this door down!

In white hair and dress
she suggests a freshly-passed
angel, with walker.

Across one damp field
the muddy figure; two hands
pulling a turnip.

The electric fan blasts
the east breeze answers
midnight conversation.

“I quit”
“Just stop”
On cardboard over window–
a statement or a plea?

Half moon sliding
like a ring of cold chipped bone
along the power lines

Alas, poor notebook
you held my very best lines
where did I leave you?

Song of the right whale
could it reach, through fathoms
the softly-lapping tide?

Spare one thought (at least)
for the driver of your bus
(or train), 6 am

Flat barge, floating crane
divinity’s Lego toy
from up on the bridge

Southbound 70,
“I want to know who you are”
…so seldom spoken.

My heart leapt out! But
found its way back in; chastened…
such games it once loved!

Darkness, this darkness,
the only darkness until
tomorrow’s sunset

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