Playing Music at the Farmers’ Market

Photo Credit: obaxterlovo via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: obaxterlovo via Compfight cc

As I struck the first
chords and began singing
“What a Wonderful World,”

it appeared that green birds
began flying into
my hat on the ground
from all directions.

A tiny, elderly lady passing by
abruptly stopped walking.
Shaking a bit, she got $5
from her change purse,
bent down, and put it in.

I saw what they
were all doing—
the same thing, really, as
the three twenty-somethings
who had sung along
on the chorus of “Hallelujah.”

They were voting:
standing up
for the molecules
of a public space
being drenched
in a vision of love
they believed in.

Sometimes, yes,
money is speech.


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