Was There a Place He Went to As a Child?

Photo by L'atalante.CC0/Public Domain.
Photo by L’atalante.
CC0/Public Domain.
It’s easy to live with nothing but riches 	the works on the wall

It’s easy to walk by the paintings 		by less famous artists 

Muses confined to large cities 			easy to accept the shaft 

Of sunlight made from smidges 			of pigment with bristle 

On wood as if everyone can 			make a shaft of sunlight 

Which feels so early morning 			it’s also easy to thrive in the middle 

Of nowhere 					and be unseen it’s easy to see 

These are the same 				to make and be ignored on the wall 

And to make to be ignored by all 		it’s easy either way to walk by art  

Forget the artist 				the wall with a different complexion 

And failing 					sunlight isn’t easy in the countryside
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