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Wear your manhood on your sleeve
those women can’t be your disease
you’ve read the books and bought the shirt,
the Vagina Demons have no way to hurt
You know you’re macho,
know you’re brave
your fortress is your phallic cave
no Betas, Gammas, dykes or girls
can undermine your manly world
You’ll laugh at them and walk away
Fedora waved along the way
‘Cos MRAs are serious stuff
and of the pussy you’ve had enough
until that late night twinge occurs,
when you start to doubt that Holy Word
that girls are bad and boys are best,
so why should you feel so depressed?
Alone so late with no one there
your manhood just laid cold and bare
‘Til morning comes and you realise
these girls are all for other guys
those FemiNazis, dykes and dogs
Gammas, Betas, fags and hogs
‘Cos you’re the un-reconstructed male
and God designed you not to fail
so wave your MRA manhood high
and wait ’til late at night to cry

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