Haiku 42

Image by Andrew Hamlin.
Image by Andrew Hamlin.

Blue sky, white feather
floating over 45th
Don’t look for the bird

Her boyfriend blinded
the “Real Change” vendor; no, I’m
not Happy, New Year

All my neuroses…
the Post Office crow, crapping
darts its head left

The candle goes out
as I blow on it; first thing
gone right all day long

Flaming potato
I can no longer trust my
aged microwave

Each day different
from before–fluctuations
form grooves for the key

Might as well laugh now
the pain postponed by laughter
seeps in soon enough

I tear the dead skin
from the sole of my left left foot
and let in winter

David Bowie dead
and I must work through sadness
but still do laundry

Wheeling past window
that flapping black contingent
I can’t quite count off

“I love you too” says
the bum, but his green eyes don’t
sound like my mother

Drawbridge life, one year
flea to immense iron jaws
no beard for refuge

A coveralled tech
his smile just starting to fade
rinses the Honda

Empty out one shoe
over the beach house side porch
muck and sand spiral

Asleep for my sins
in the back seat, not to drive
until Chicago

Today was not much
of a day; killing-jar grey
…crunch of Cheerios!

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