Haiku 43

"Ear 2" - Image by Andrew Hamlin
“Ear 2” – Image by Andrew Hamlin
Siren through the rain
high-pitched howl and soft spatter
gone, both, for morning

I kiss these red lips
and put them back in their box
wax plugs my nostrils

Teach an idiot
to write haiku; do you still
have an idiot?

A child’s persimmon
half eaten, half-sticky, slid
between two cushions

Huge green umbrella
swallows his slim form whole at
the Ave’s last pay phone

Splash–drench bicycle!
Show some gratitude you’ve got
one purpose on Earth

A fart lingers like
a rule nobody follows
passing the sniff test.

Runoff swarms the drain
seven inches under; it
gave up long ago

Heater’s one red light
keeps me company bedside…
Moloch brought to heel?

Inside-out mitten
at the bus stop; wooly thumb
like a turtle’s head

Two jays chase the train
past the Franz freight yard, due south
then bend to the sun