Haiku 45

Image by Andrew Hamlin.
Image by Andrew Hamlin.

A toad, not only
a toad, not only a toad
not only a toad

Green lamp at the top
of the staircase; I’m waiting
on a silhouette

Staring straight at me
doesn’t seem to remember
the woman he won

On either side of
order in the universe
a clawing banshee

Rejected again…
clouds cover and uncover
the quarter moon

Sober in my cell
not enough anguish and tears
to last me the night

If the flesh is weak
and the soul is immortal,
what of in-between?

Drunk at 8 am
his drained Corona bottle
clanks over the curb

Damp cherry blossoms
speckle the sidewalk sunbreak
more talk of new war

Pizza and beer
and looking like he’s lucky
to hold both of those

All this death brooding
and Lo! Only one minute
closer to the end

Two racing raindrops
down the train window, southeast
know nothing of Trump

Man teaching woman
to speak Pacific Northwest;
short “E” on “Elvis”

Pretty much standing naked
between womb and world

Open-winged seagulls
batter against the windstorm
stiff bills cocked skyward

Of benediction,
this poem would be, could I
but muster that soul

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