Free Thing of the Week: Icons from

New images from Licensed CC-BY.
New images from Licensed CC-BY.

This week’s Free Thing of the Week isn’t just one thing: it’s 2279 things.

While developing a card game called Voltality in his spare time, Delapouite stumbled upon, Lorc’s 789 RPG icons pack. They went far toward helping Delapouite’s designs, but he found himself frustrated with the small sizes and bitmapped formats, not to mention the unwieldy size and taxonomy.

Instead, he turned around and started his own Github repository of open source icons, suitable for anyone who designs games — or people who just like cool icons.

Delapouite and Co. have upped the ante. All the images are downloadable in a vector format, so designers can easily tweak colors, rotation and adjust effects like blur, bevels or shadows. They are also infinitely scalable, so they are easily adapted for hi-res monitors, retina displays, et al.


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