Free Thing of the Week: Once You Go Red…

More music from the Commons in this week’s Free Thing. This time we give you the third EP from Tarra Layne, Once You Go Red….

Possibly best known for being part of Team Blake in Season 11 of The Voice, Ms. Layne was already an accomplished musician. You may have heard her rendition of “Black Velvet” but her range is broader still. Her voice delivers a hard-edged brand of what people call “Southern Rock” but actually has its roots in the urban cowboy scene of the 1970s. We at The Star are pretty fond of aggressive, brusque female rockers, and Ms. Layne slots deftly into that niche.

Once You Go Red… by Tarra Layne

The five songs on this EP give a tasty, representative sample of Ms. Layne’s fiery singing. Our publisher is particularly fond of “Heated” and “I Thought That Bitch Moved” but smiles anytime someone mentions any of the songs on this album or her others, and gives a “tip o’ the horns, dude” as he does.


Download the complete EP of Once You Go Red… from Jamendo.

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