Free Thing of the Week: Pepper and Carrot Motion Comic

Our Free Thing of the Week started out with books. We’ve since expanded to other things: photography, games, 3-D printing, music, and so on. But we rarely have brought you things on YouTube.

Today we correct that oversight by turning to the Morevna Project‘s “motion comic” of Pepper and Carrot. Longtime Star readers know how much we love David Revoy’s open source comic strip about the young and often bumbling witch Pepper and her cat. We feature it regularly in our own Sunday Comics section. (Trivia: if you look closely at the credits on each comic you can see the name of our esteemed publisher, who supports the strip fanatically.) The comic is, as you may know, not only released under a permissive free license, but also created using only free software tools.

Not content with that, however, the open source world decided to raise the stakes even more. Nikolai Mamashev decided to animate the strip’s sixth episode, The Potion Contest, also using only open source tools. To do this, he ran a successful fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.

Now he’s finished, and the results are beautiful.

But don’t take our word for it. Look for yourself.

You can also download the episode from Morevna Project’s homepage here, in either English or Russian.

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