If Tsunami Came Rising

Photo credit: Victor. CC-BY-NC-ND

As an old man I met a young girl
who loved the ocean more.

She spoke in rapture,
longed for danger,
and let waves wash away
her heart, exposed;
winter storm along the desolate shore.

Once captured by sea,
she could not shake its spell.
Her fever burned, contagious
down her back, seaweed green
and glistening in the long night rain.

I fell in love with her devotion,
gasping for breath along the coast.
Cold waters, Pacific Northwest,
blue numb skin, struggling
against crushing waves…

Until she washed ashore
beneath soft sand and beach fire,
tucked under night stars,
her soul strung about,
uprooted limbs in the mist.

And I was inspired, hopeful
if tsunami came rising,
desperate and seeking higher ground,
I would run straight for it,
arms outstretched, howling into the wind…

Like that young girl,
who loved the ocean more.

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