Modern “Politics”: And They Tell Me Not To Spell Out “Sh*t”!

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They tell me not to spell out “sh*t”!
But, nothing else quite seems to f*t!
They claim some folks will look awry
If I insert the little “i”.

But here’s the thing I contemplate:
What difference to this warring State?
Should I insist on “i” or “I”?
Is it a case of do or die?

I happily forego the spite
That tells me I am always right.
(The “i” is like a winking child;
Or beacon lighting up the wild!)

How much is substance, how much form?
How to get beyond the norm?
How to take it all in stride—
To kick the bucket, yet abide?

Some folks I know won’t write out G_d.
I’ve always found that somewhat o_d.
Wouldn’t the All-Seeing One
Know the hearts of everyone?

In this world of counterfe*ts—
Political and legal sh*ts,
Why not ban a word like “k*ll”?
Would that give the perverse a thr*ll?

We’re told to read between the lines.
The sun peeks out between the pines
And melts the snow beneath our shoes,
And dissipates three months of blues.

Once, scholars quibbled over pins:
How many angels rubbed their shins
Together on a pointy head?
(The Reaper came… and knocked them dead!)

We lose ourselves in petty lies.
We grope, circumvent, devise
A thousand schemes, overlooked clues.
The curtain closes on a ruse.

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Gary Corseri has published and posted articles, fiction and poems at hundreds of venues, including The Seattle Star, The Greanville Post,, Counterpunch, Information Clearing House, AlterNet, The New York Times, Village Voice, and The Palestine Chronicle and Global Research. He has published 2 novels and 2 collections of poetry, a literary anthology (edited), and his dramas have been produced on PBS-Atlanta and elsewhere. He has performed his poems at the Carter Presidential Library and Museum, and he has taught in universities in the US and Japan, and in US public schools and prisons. Contact: Gary_Corseri [at]

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