Rhubarb Pie

Photo by balyanne. CC0/Public Domain license.

They say if a frog is placed in a pot of water
While the heat below is slowly raised
It doesn’t know it’s being cooked they say
If a tree falls in your living room while
You’re at Sunday school God knows
Because your dog squeaks like an otter
When it hears the thud of that tree now
If your neighbor hears the dog he says
“That damn dog is imitating an otter.” as
His children try to make sense of the news,
They never do, but the leaves of the tree
Fall in the cracks of the couch while
An acorn rooting in the carpet grows,
That is something God doesn’t see
Busy as he is opening a can of worms
Every hour of the day to entertain us
So they say as a way to explain why
He creates new viruses and germs
Balancing birth and death rates so
We don’t overpopulate the planet I mean
He’s not so keen on keepin’ an eye on
What we do in bed, but must be sure
More of us are born than die because
Jesus wants an audience if he returns
And earth is not a pot of water heating up
While we unconsciously cook ourselves.
We are anything but unaware, we are up
To the task of raking leaves in living rooms
Planting worms in the garden for the birds–
What this means to a worm is a guess
And yours is just as good as mine
I’m pretty sure God hardly knows
What he’s doing one minute to the next
Why do you think the world is such a mess?

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