View of Grand Coulee from the Hospital

Photo by Omar Willey. CC-BY.

trees and lines and stickmen
and boulders too big to be less than

a hill heavy rock a motel {sigh}

a main street see the middle
school from here and a parts store nearly

the library and a grocery store below
in the midway

and a park with boulders taller
than 5 men where quail live

and deer play but no dogs are
allowed and they have swings

and a merry-go-round and it’s
almost summer the thrift

store will have summer clothes this
week and this is where the turkeys

go and they have teeter-totters
and a slide and still no dogs

every place comes with a view
of canyons and dams and lakes

on the bottom and rock walls
making their own special rooms

protected channeled full
of spirit wind they build

around boulders they climb
them/you can’t eat rocks

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