Round Three: The Seattle Star’s Creative Commons Literary + Music Celebration at St. Andrews, June 11th

Once again it’s time for The Star‘s bimonthly poetry and music celebration. We’re back at St. Andrews Bar & Grill this time, and up to our usual antics — with new antics to boot.

The Seattle Star’s Creative Commons Literary + Music Celebration is not just another stinkin’ poetry reading, but a true EVENT built on collaboration and generosity. Poets get together and share their work, and then share it with you. From our version of the Exquisite Corpse, to the courtly renga, to the “Orphan Works, everything is designed to promote community and cooperation. Musicians also join us to add their contributions to the poetry readings, thus promoting even more collaboration between arts and artists.

Monday June 11th we take over the annex at St. Andrews to bring you our featured poets Yonnas Getahun, Art Gomez, Celaine Charles, Pam Carter, and Rayn Roberts who will dazzle you with their latest literary lucubrations, and possibly even music from the extraordinary Martin Sallee.

The second half of the show will feature The Star’s own rag-tag crew of thespians, the Exquisite Corpse players, who will be dramatizing the collectively-written Exquisite Corpse poem, written by nine different authors, as well as reading brand new poems from the Seattle Star’s Orphan Works Orphanage, in which poets leave their fragmented ideas they could not complete, which are then taken up and completed by other poets.

New to the proceedings is our RENGAMANIA, where anyone may join us to create a table renga, in the old Japanese style. One person starts with a haiku and the next person provides a two-line couplet, and so on until we finish. Word has it the Exquisite Corpse players may also nick this one for dramatization but, being corpses, they aren’t talking much.

And of course, our famous open mic section will open the show. Bring musical instruments, voices, poetry — all the good stuff — to the open microphone and dazzle us with your awesomez.

Plus: giveaways of Creative Commons licensed books, music, t-shirts and more!

This show is ALL-AGES. (We’ll warn you if we go over the PG-13 line.)

Date: 11 June 2018
Time: RENGAMANIA begins at 6:30 pm; showtime is from 7pm-9pm
Place: St Andrews Bar & Grill, 7406 Aurora Ave N, Seattle 98103.

Be there, or be oblong.

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