Semi-Automatic Poem

Photo: Larry Lorca. CC-BY-NC

Fucked up so right no pain but the ratchet of the night
tightenin’ so tight so far out I can’t do the heady
philosophy-faith-politics a bullshit trinity–
Blow me away ta nothing? Yo
i ain’t ready for no lead in my ass so
i ain’t buying what the right-wing means
i ain’t havin’ no fist fight with tyranny
i could give a Trump’s-ass ‘bout their genes
not worried ‘bout anything they got, they got nothing:
Nothin’ we can’t handle, we out of reach
“Down like dirt man we dusted”
we gettin’ it too, gettin’ up, gettin’ set, hell
I won’t waste my breath, let actions speak
Just don’t come at me
in some noble national clown-face makeup see
yor pocket-watch, yor boy scout compass
go nowhere for me…
Mad elephants kickin’ a hornet’s nest
it be droppin’ on their heads,
They be walkin’ into a rattlesnake fest,
got nothin’ but stingers & fangs for them
choirs of punk singers on incarceration day–

I promise you that–

Wish we had the Panthers back

so they’d understand what open carry means–
It’s not just for white folks you see,
Junkyard Alt-Right dogs do bark a-hole lot
we know what they got… Nothin’, Zip–
They’re gonna see us get down right quick
but we get up mighty clean
The Light of the Inner Eye opening–
They aint’ foolin’ no one least of all me–
I mean, you got to be downright dim to be into
the orange dude in the off-white house
Get out, get it …out… we got ‘em like you
We got a lot of ’em new
Or did you think lefty got no piece? Fuck ya’ll

& your daddy too.

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